Weddings and Things…

When I was in highschool, I took a career test to give me an idea of what industry I should attempt to break into. The result? Wedding Planner.  I love weddings, I love attending them but I refuse to plan one.  For a variety of reasons, when I’ve been asked to plan weddings, I have politely declined.  However, when your sister is the bride and you are the maid of honor, it’s kind of hard to say ‘no thank you’.

Good thing my sister and now brother in law is so low maintenance.

I loved this wedding.  Though we had some tense moments in the planning stages and we strayed far from their original vision (as most weddings do), I was so happy with the end result.  And hopefully, they were too!

Buffet dinners are so much lovelier at weddings.  Yes, mass produced food isn’t always the best, but I like how buffets are interactive and I think they are just perfect for weddings. Logistically it’s much easier….there’s something for everyone!

Jer and Jas were so awesome…they picked up the cheese for our mac and cheese and arranged for the addition on the menu.  I love mac and cheese! I only wished I had enough room for seconds.

Oh the season of weddings.