Hong Kong 2014 Pt 2

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetAfter a week in the Philippines, I returned back to Hong Kong on my own as my travel companions made their way back to Vancouver.  Originally, I had planned to spend the last part of my trip with my grandma. Unfortunately, upon my return to Hong Kong, I found out she had been hospitalized and would remain so for the rest of my stay. Though I was able to visit her daily, my time spent with her was dramatically cut and as a result, a large part of my day was spent wandering around Hong Kong, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone.


But despite being in the hospital, my Grandma would continue to worry if I ate enough, seen enough, or shopped enough. She spent most of her time nagging my uncles about taking me out for dinner. On one occasion, I accompanied my uncle to one of Kowloon City’s famed wet markets for dinner.  Above the markets is an open food court best known for its Thai food. It’s a cacophony of sounds, smells and sights. If you aren’t shy about eating in places that are perhaps not so clean and not so fancy, but pretty authentic and delicious, I recommend trying the restaurants that are just slightly off the beaten path.

The last leg of my trip wasn’t exactly how I envisioned but I was thankful that I got to spend quality time with some people whom I haven’t had the chance to regularly see. From a friend who moved half way across the world from me, to family who I speak to sporadically through the years, I am grateful for this quality time of genuine, authentic relationship building. I was able to spend individual time with both my uncles doing the same things that I would enjoy back home. Whether it was perusing the city for good eats or sitting at home chatting over a glass of wine, I begun to understand the experiences that shape who I am, and perhaps the characteristics and behaviours that I inherit and embody today.

It usually takes me a few months to collect my thoughts and write about the adventures I go experience. When I had planned to write this post and when I had visited,  Hong Kong was perhaps seen by outsiders as a different city. Despite its recent struggles, Hong Kong is a beautiful city, with passionate people. It is a city that encourages the exploration and discovery of some wonderful gems hidden in the most unlikely of places.

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