Learning to Rest

breakMy life can be categorized by seasons. I have gone through seasons of learning, seasons of growth, seasons of restlessness and doubt and unfortunately, seasons of mourning. Most recently, I entered into a new phase, a season of rest.

fortuneYou might not believe in signs, but I got this fortune cookie in the midst of my doubt. I was in a state of worry and reflection, pondering whether or not the choices I had made in my professional and personal life were the best for my future and questioning my faith and identity. After talking to people who truly understood the situation I was in, I realized that it was time for a self induced rest. It was an incredibly scary decision but I came to realize that taking a quick break was not only a good choice for me, but for the people around me.  I decided to take this valued time as a way to rejuvenate, find creative outlets, and invest time in the relationships that matter to me the most. And while I am ready for the next season in my life, I know that with all good things, timing will be a key factor.

I write this post, dear reader, so that you will also learn the value of taking a break. I’m not advising you to take two-hour daily lunch breaks, or convince your boss to allow you to have long weekends every week. No, far from that actually, what I am advocating for is a quick break in your day so that you can work harder, and perhaps be a better version of yourself.

In my travels, I learned of a Swedish term, fika (fee-ka) which means a coffee break, often with a sweet accompaniment. The Swedes sure knew how to do a coffee break right. I’ve decided to incorporate a little fika in my daily routine and I hope you will too.  Below are some of the current coffee beans that I have been trying lately as well as some coffee shops I have frequented.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset photo 1photo 3Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.51.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.51.44 PMHaving a fika is about sitting down to enjoy your coffee, or taking the time to make a great cup. It doesn’t have to take a lot of your time, but the results are much better than heating up that lukewarm cup of coffee you bought during your morning commute but forgot to drink.

I’m no coffee connoisseur, but as of late, I’ve been enjoying my coffee through a french press. Here is a great tutorial from the girls at Treasures and Travels on how to make a great cup of coffee with a french press.

Happy Fika.

Featured Coffee
Pallet Coffee Roaster’s Ethiopia Natural Konga
Tofino Coffee Co.’s Old Growth Dark Roast

Stumpton Coffee Roaster’s French Roast & Cold Brew

Featured Coffee Shops
Pallet Coffee Roasters
Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Forty Ninth Parallel Coffee Roasters
Matchstick Coffee Roasters
and for fun because it was so darn cute…
Charlie Brown Cafe